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Two-Mirror Adaptive System for Correction of Atmospheric Disturbances of the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope


Features of a two-mirror adaptive system for correction of atmospheric disturbances of the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope are described. The system has been developed with allowance for the correction of instrumental vibrations of the telescope in a wide amplitude-frequency range, with an open siderostat supply mirror. The light wavefront tilt and its deformations are corrected separately. The adaptive optics system is designed to work with extended light sources (the Sun), with low-contrast image details.

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Botygina, N.N., Kolobov, D.Y., Kovadlo, P.G. et al. Two-Mirror Adaptive System for Correction of Atmospheric Disturbances of the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope. Atmos Ocean Opt 31, 709–717 (2018).

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