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Development of Components for Adaptive Optics Systems for Solar Telescopes


Wavefront aberrations at the entrance aperture of the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope were measured with a wavefront sensor of the adaptive optics system by a sunspot. To calculate the image shifts, a correlation algorithm with quadratic interpolation of the correlation function maximum position is used. The quality of astronomical vision, characterized by the Fried length, was estimated from the same experimental data as the statistical characteristics of the fluctuations of the coefficients of expansion of wavefront aberrations in Zernicke polynomials. The results were obtained at a Fried length of 51.6 mm in a sample 43 s long with a sampling frequency of 70 Hz. The means and standard deviations of the expansion coefficients are calculated. The analysis of the given spectra shows that the wavefront aberrations should be compensated in the frequency band 0–20 Hz for the effective correction of the images formed.

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  • turbulence
  • phase distortions
  • wavefront sensor
  • mode analysis
  • Sun image