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Localized High-Intensity Light Structures during Multiple Filamentation of Ti:Sapphire-Laser Femtosecond Pulses along an Air Path


The results of experimental studies of the transverse structure of a laser beam after multiple filamentation are presented. A ring structure of radiation is formed around individual filaments in a beam cross section inside the multiple filamentation domain, and at a dozen meters from it a common ring structure starts forming surrounding postfilamentation light channels (PFC). It is shown that the spectra of the PFC, rings, and beam are significantly different. The ring spectrum broadens asymmetrically relative to the carrier wavelength and is mainly concentrated in the short wavelength region. The PFC spectrum has a significant and more symmetrical broadening and covers the range 630–1000 nm.

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  • laser radiation
  • femtosecond pulse
  • self-focusing
  • filamentation
  • postfilamentation light channels
  • air