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Coherence of Bessel-Gaussian Beams Propagating in a Turbulent Atmosphere

  • I. P. LukinEmail author
Optical Instrumentation


Coherent properties of vortex Bessel-Gaussian beams propagating in a turbulent atmosphere are theoretically studied based on the analytical solution of the equation for the transverse second-order mutual coherence function of optical radiation field. The behavior of coherence degree, coherence length, and integral scale of coherence degree of vortex Bessel-Gaussian beams depending on beam parameters and characteristics of the turbulent atmosphere is analyzed. It is shown that the coherence length and integral scale of coherence degree of a vortex Bessel-Gaussian beam essentially depend on the topological charge of the beam. When the topological charge of a vortex beam increases, additional decreases in the above parameters become less. The given effect is small under weak and strong fluctuations of optical radiation, and it is maximal in the transition region between them.


Bessel beam vortex beam optical radiation atmospheric turbulence coherence coherence length integral scale of coherence degree 


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