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Comparative Estimation of Geochemical Activity of the Atmosphere according to the Ratio of Compositions of Different Near-Ground Aerosol Fractions at the Fonovaya Observatory in Autumn 2016


For the background region of Tom–Ob interfluve, we performed the comparative analysis of the chemical composition of water- and acid-soluble aerosol fractions in dry deposits, coupled with an estimation of the ratio of submicron and coarse fractions in near-ground aerosol in this background region, and a study of their mineral and material composition using scanning electron microscopy. Differences in the ratios of metals between the water- and acid-soluble fractions are revealed. It is reasonably hypothesized that water- (acid-) soluble compounds are mainly contained in the submicron (coarse) fraction.

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  • atmospheric aerosol
  • dry deposition
  • passive sampling