Experimental study of the influence of optical characteristics of a medium on the image quality in optoelectronic systems with backscattered noise signal selection


Results of the experimental study of the influence of turbid media (fog and smoke) on the quality of images of objects observed through the media using active pulsed optoelectronic systems (OES) operating with a permanently open receiver and with its control (in the mode of backscattered noise signal selection) are considered. It is experimentally confirmed that the quality of images of objects screened by a turbid medium in active pulsed OES with backscattered noise signal selection can be almost 10 times higher than in the case of operation with a permanently open receiver. The image quality of vision systems with controllable reception is affected not only by the optical length of the observation path but also by such parameters as the mean particle size and their scattering and absorption properties.

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  • active pulsed optoelectronic systems (OES) with controllable receiver
  • frequency-contrast characteristics
  • mires
  • smoke
  • fog
  • laboratory experiments