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Air temperature in the lower troposphere over moscow during heat wave in the summer of 2010


The dynamics of the air temperature in the lower 4-km layer have been studied during the heat wave in the summer of 2010 by the radio sounding data from Dolgoprudny and ground-based meteorological measurements at Moscow State University. The results have been compared with the aeroclimatic data for the previous 19 years. According to these data, the long-term average estimates of vertical thermal gradients and thickness and intensity of nocturnal surface inversions (200–300 m and 2.0°С, respectively) are presented for summer months in the Moscow region. A record high air temperature for the period from at least 1991 has been shown in the air layer up to 2 km above Moscow in the summer of 2010. Among others, the 30°С value has been detected for the first time in the air layer from 400 to 800 m. During the heat wave in 2010, as a result of clearly pronounced anticyclone conditions, the thickness and intensity of nocturnal surface inversions were higher than usual (up to 700 m and 12°С, respectively). The mean temperature profiles have been studied for different types of air masses. It is shown that the tropical air mass predominated over the Moscow region in the summer of 2010 during more than half of the period.

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  • air temperature
  • radio sounding
  • aeroclimatology
  • surface inversions
  • unstable stratification
  • synoptic analysis
  • air mass