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The comparative analysis of observational series of total ozone content and UV-B radiation in boreal forest zones


Results of the comparative analysis of observational series of the total ozone content and UV radiation of the 300–315-nm wavelength band at stations located in boreal forest zones of midlatitudes of Russia and Canada (Northern Hemisphere, 50° N and higher) are presented. It is shown that the ozonosphere is a primary modulator of the biologically active part of UV-B radiation in this climatic zone. Radiation amplification factors of solar UV-B spectral region are determined. It is shown that 20% of total ozone depletion increases more than twofold the dose of the short-wave part of solar UV-B radiation relative to its climatic normal.

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  • UV-B radiation
  • biologically active spectra
  • ozonosphere
  • total ozone
  • correlation analysis