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Reconstruction of the aerosol microstructure from measurements of light extinction in the atmosphere under restriction of the spectral range


A study was conducted on how the upper boundary λmax of the spectral range in which the transmission of the atmosphere is measured has an effect on results of reconstruction of aerosol microstructure parameters in the process of solving the inverse problem of solar photometry by data from numerical simulation and field experiments. The numerical experiment involves the model of aerosol formed by the submicron (fine) (f) and coarse (c) fractions of particles. The quantity λmax was chosen in the range from 1.052 to 3.973 μm. To solve the inverse problem, the integral distribution method was used. It is shown that a restriction of the spectrum interval implies an underestimation of the contribution of large particles in the aerosol distribution. In particular, at λmax = 1.246 μm, on the background of a decrease in the volume concentration of aerosol (up to 18% at λmax = 1.246 μm), losses in the reconstruction of the concentration of particles from the c-fraction can reach 42%.

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