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The amplitude of the CO2 seasonal cycle in the atmosphere of the Ural region retrieved from ground-based and satellite near-IR measurements


A series of ground-based high-resolution Fourier-transform measurements of atmospheric transmittance in the near infrared region (4000–10000 cm−1) recorded at the Ural Atmospheric Station in 2012–2013 was processed in order to retrieve relative concentrations of CO2 and CH4 in the atmospheric column. Retrieved values of methane concentration do not show a noticeable seasonal cycle, while retrieved CO2 concentrations show clear seasonal variations with high amplitude, which are also observed in GOSAT measurements over the Ural region. The estimated amplitude of CO2 seasonal variations is 14–15 ppm. The comparison between CO2 ground-based and GOSAT measurements shows a good agreement, while satellite values are overestimated by approximately 3 ppm. There is no noticeable correlation between CH4 values, which could be explained by the presence of local methane sources in the area of GOSAT observations.

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