Zenith tropospheric delay of GLONASS/GPS signals on the basis of ATOVS satellite data


The technique for infrared and microwave space atmospheric sounding with the ATOVS instrument is discussed. The sounding results are vertical profiles of the atmosphere. A zenith tropospheric delay was estimated from the profiles and with the Saastamoinen and Hopfield delay models that use ground-based measurements. Shifts of the model-derived estimations are −0.0186 m for the Saastamoinen model and −0.0135 m for the Hopfield model during the all 2012. The results are valid for Krasnoyarsk (midlatitudes of Siberia).

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  • global navigation satellite systems
  • vertical profiles of troposphere
  • stratosphere
  • tropospheric delay of GLONASS/GPS signals
  • barometric formulas