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Study of liquid water in clouds with the “Microradkom” radiometric system


Results of the study of liquid water in thin clouds and mist with the multichannel microwave radiometric system “Microradkom” are presented in the paper. The system includes four microwave radiometers: multichannel with frequencies of 53–58 GHz (temperature profiling in troposphere); one-channel scanning with a frequency of 56.6 GHz (profiling of atmospheric boundary layer temperature); one-channel radiometer with a frequency of 22.235 GHz (reduced sensitivity of 0.04 K for measurements of the integral water vapor); one-channel radiometer with a frequency of 37.5 GHz (reduced sensitivity of 0.02 K for measurements of the integral liquid water), and automated meteorological station and video system for cloud observations. Measurements were conducted in Dolgoprudny, Moscow oblast, from February, 2012, to January, 2014.

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  • cloud physics
  • microwave remote sensing
  • integral water vapor
  • liquid water in clouds