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Spatial distribution of carbon dioxide fluxes, biogenic elements, and phytoplankton biomass in the pelagic zone of Lake Baikal in spring period of 2010–2012


The paper presents the measurements of concentrations of oxygen, biogenic elements, phytoplankton biomass, and partial pressures of carbon dioxide in water and the near-water atmosphere in the pelagic zone of Lake Baikal in June, 2010–2012. Very contrasting weather conditions were observed in the region in winter-spring months of 2010–2012, which largely determined the character of hydrologic and biologic processes in the pelagic water zone of Baikal. The cardinal difference in weather conditions before expeditions of 2010–2012 made it possible to estimate a wide range of interannual variations in these characteristics and to analyze their role in the formation of fluxes at different stages of springtime warming on the basis of three datasets. The quantitative characteristics of phytoplankton biomass are compared with the difference in partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the air-water system.

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  • carbon dioxide flux
  • air-water
  • biomass
  • Lake Baikal