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MnBr vapor active medium with a built-in reactor at 100-kHz pulse repetition frequency


Frequency and energy characteristics of a MnBr vapor laser with a built-in reactor, i.e., with gas vapors being produced within a gas discharge tube, and the dependence of the average output power on different parameters are studied in this work. The values of the GDT wall temperature and buffer gas pressure required for obtaining the maximum output power are determined. It is shown that active media of this kind are as good as media with a conventional method of gas vapor production. A pulse repetition frequency of 100 kHz is attained for the first time for a medium on Mn atom transitions. The use of this active medium as a brightness amplifier in active optical systems is described; the amplifying characteristics are analyzed.

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Original Russian Text © M.V. Trigub, D.V. Shiyanov, V.B. Sukhanov, G.S. Evtushenko, 2014, published in Optica Atmosfery i Okeana.

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Trigub, M.V., Shiyanov, D.V., Sukhanov, V.B. et al. MnBr vapor active medium with a built-in reactor at 100-kHz pulse repetition frequency. Atmos Ocean Opt 27, 458–462 (2014).

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  • Mn halide vapor lasers
  • built-in reactor
  • high-frequency brightness amplifiers
  • laser monitor