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Electrode material splashing during a high-voltage nanosecond discharge in low pressure deuterium, hydrogen, helium, and argon


Splashing of electrode material was observed during a high-voltage nanosecond discharge in a gap filled with deuterium, hydrogen, helium, and argon at a pressure of 1–60 torr. A cylinder with the lateral surface made of thin tungsten wires split at the end was used as a potential electrode, and a flat deuterated zirconium target, as a grounded electrode. The material splashing was observed mainly on the potential electrode for both positive and negative polarities of the pulser. As the gas pressure increases in the discharge chamber, the tracks from hot glowing drops fluttering from the electrodes shorten.

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Original Russian Text © D.A. Sorokin, M.I. Lomaev, V.F. Tarasenko, B.A. Nechaev, V.N. Padalko, E.N. Shuvalov, 2014, published in Optica Atmosfery i Okeana.

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  • material splashing
  • high-voltage nanosecond discharge
  • deuterated target
  • track