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Spectral parameters of nonchain volume-discharge HF(DF) laser radiation


Spectral parameters of nonchain chemical hydrogen (deuterium)-SF6 mixture lasers are compared for the cases of pumping by a discharge with UV illumination from generators with inductive energy storage and by a runaway-electron preionized diffuse discharge (REP DD) formed in a nonuniform electric field. It is shown that high homogeneity of volume discharges formed in the laser medium allows an increase in the number of lasing lines. Therewith, intense cascade transitions appear in the laser spectra, and the lasing efficiency on HF (λ = 2.8–3.2 μm) and DF molecules (3.8–4.2 μm) reaches its ultimate value. It is shown that the REP DD in gas mixtures with SF6 is an efficient pumping method for HF(DF) lasers.

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  • nonchain chemical lasers
  • homogeneous volume discharge
  • radiation spectra