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Estimation of the astronomical seeing at the large solar vacuum telescope site from optical and meteorological measurements


Results of synchronous optical and meteorological measurements of Fried’s coherence length at the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope are presented. A decrease in this parameter in winter time is revealed. Spectra of wind speed and temperature inhomogeneities are studied during measurements of the Fried’s length.

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Original Russian Text © N.N. Botygina, P.G. Kovadlo, E.A. Kopylov, V.P. Lukin, M.V. Tuev, A.Yu. Shikhovtsev, 2013, published in Optica Atmosfery i Okeana.

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Botygina, N.N., Kovadlo, P.G., Kopylov, E.A. et al. Estimation of the astronomical seeing at the large solar vacuum telescope site from optical and meteorological measurements. Atmos Ocean Opt 27, 142–146 (2014).

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  • Atmospheric Turbulence
  • Temperature Inhomogeneity
  • Meteorological Measurement
  • Adaptive Optic System
  • Wavefront Sensor