Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

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Kinetics of ionization and recombination of atmospheric sodium

  • N. I. Kosarev
Optics of Clusters, Aerosols, and Hydrosoles


Characteristic times of photoionization from the ground 3S- and excited 3P-states of the sodium atom have been calculated. A model of balance equations of ionization and recombination kinetics of atmospheric sodium has been constructed for the optically thin case based on the experimental scheme of reactions of the formation of complex ions with the participation of sodium. The model also takes into account photoprocesses for the ground and excited levels of sodium. The numerical solution of the balance equations describes the density dynamics of sodium atoms, sodium ions, and Na+H2O, Na+N2, and Na+CO2 complex ions with allowance for laser illumination at the resonance transition with a wavelength of 0.589 μm.


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  • N. I. Kosarev
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  1. 1.Siberian Institute of LawFederal Drug Control Service of the Russian FederationKrasnoyarskRussia

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