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Generation of two-phase gas-droplet flows with specified characteristics


The problem of creating fine gas-droplet flows and aerosols with specified characteristics (size distribution, concentration, flow rate) for a wide range of scientific problems is solved. The possibility of efficient production of fine droplets with a specified size distribution is shown.

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Original Russian Text © A.N. Ishmatov, V.V. Elesin, A.A. Trubnikov, S.P. Ogorodnikov, 2013, published in Optica Atmosfery i Okeana.

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Ishmatov, A.N., Elesin, V.V., Trubnikov, A.A. et al. Generation of two-phase gas-droplet flows with specified characteristics. Atmos Ocean Opt 26, 556–558 (2013).

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  • Liquid Flow Rate
  • Total Pressure Loss
  • Separation Degree
  • Swirl Angle
  • Mass Distribution Function