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Parallel computations for solving problems of the reconstruction of the reflection coefficient of the Earth’s surface by satellite data


The question of the application of parallel computations for solving the problem of atmospheric correction of satellite images is considered. It is shown that parallelization of algorithms of the Monte Carlo method with respect to packets of trajectories makes it possible to significantly reduce the computation time.

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Original Russian Text © A.V. Kozhevnikova, M.V. Tarasenkov, V.V. Belov, 2013, published in Optica Atmosfery i Okeana.

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Kozhevnikova, A.V., Tarasenkov, M.V. & Belov, V.V. Parallel computations for solving problems of the reconstruction of the reflection coefficient of the Earth’s surface by satellite data. Atmos Ocean Opt 26, 326–328 (2013).

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  • Reflection Coefficient
  • Graphic Processing Unit
  • Parallel Computing
  • Aerosol Optical Depth
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