Near IR TDLS study of HF first overtone line shape. I. Experimental results


The HF first overtone vibration-rotational absorption spectral line profile (the transition 0–2 R(0)) broadened by Ar (mixture HF: Ar = 1: 150, T = 295 K, P = 10−300 mm Hg) is studied by the method of near IR diode laser spectroscopy. A tunable distributed feedback fiber diode laser was used as a radiation source in a two-channel spectrometer (λ ∼ 1.284 μm, spectral tuning range Δν = 1.5−2.0 cm−1, the output radiation power is 15 mW, the spectral half-width of lasing lines is ∼ 5 MHz). The broadening and shifting coefficients of the considered HF line are determined, using traditional Voigt, Rautian, and Galatry spectral profiles.

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