Collisional broadening of CO2 lines by N2O pressure


Carbon dioxide line broadening coefficients by N2O pressure, as well as their temperature exponents, were calculated for a wide range of rotational quantum numbers in the 0001–1000 band. A semiempiric method that is based on the semiclassical broadening theory was used. It showed good results in calculations of half-widths and shifts of lines by pressure for H2O-N2(O2), CO2-N2(O2), and O3-N2(O2) systems. The calculated collisional half-widths were compared with the measured data obtained with a frequency-stabilized tunable CO2 laser for 11 vibrational-rotational transitions with rotational quantum numbers of the lower state to 38 at room temperature and for three transitions R(10), R(22), and R(32) in the temperature interval of 300 ≤ T ≤ 700 K in the 0001–1000 band. The calculated and measured data are in a good agreement.

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