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Shape of the photoacoustic signal generated due to multiphoton absorption of Gaussian laser pulses


Mathematical expressions for the shape and amplitude of a photoacoustic signal generated due to the multiphoton absorption of Gaussian laser pulses are derived. It was found that the sensitivity of a photoacoustic spectrometer increases in proportion to n 3/4 when changing from one-photon linear absorption to nonlinear multiphoton absorption, where n is the nonlinearity exponent. Calibration of the photoacoustic spectrometer used in the measurements of multiphoton absorption cross sections is discussed.

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Original Russian Text © A.E. Protasevich, B.A. Tikhomirov, 2011, published in Optica Atmosfery i Okeana.

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Protasevich, A.E., Tikhomirov, B.A. Shape of the photoacoustic signal generated due to multiphoton absorption of Gaussian laser pulses. Atmos Ocean Opt 24, 492 (2011).

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  • Linear Absorption
  • Nonlinear Absorption
  • Photoacoustic Signal
  • Multiphoton Absorption
  • Gaussian Intensity Distribution