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Sensing HDO/H2O in the Ural’s atmosphere using ground-based measurements of IR solar radiation with a high spectral resolution


The Ural Atmospheric Fourier Station (UAFS) based on a Bruker IFS-125M Fourier spectrometer conjugated with an A547N automated solar tracker is described. The UAFS is located in the forest area (57.038°N; 59.545°E) and is intended for trace gas monitoring in the background atmosphere. The examples of solar-radiation near-IR atmospheric transmittance spectra measured with a high spectral resolution are presented, as well as the first results of retrieval of the heavy water fraction in the Ural atmosphere.

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  • Aerosol Optical Depth
  • High Spectral Resolution
  • Solar Tracker
  • Atmospheric Optical Depth
  • Vertical Column Density