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Femtosecond laser pulse scattering on spherical polydispersions: Monte-carlo simulation


This paper presents the results of the numerical solution (the Monte Carlo method) of the nonstationary radiation transfer equation in an optically dense disperse medium. As a model of the medium, the presence of a polydisperse liquid-droplet cloud is assumed. An ultrashort intense laser pulse stimulates nonstationary transition processes in the scattering particle volume even under linear interaction conditions during its propagation, resulting in time transformation of the characteristics of optical medium and, primarily, the scattering phase function. To calculate the time dynamics of the scattering phase function of a laser pulse by a transparent spherical particle, the nonstationary Mie theory was used, based on the Fourier representation of the original light pulse and the linear theory of radiation diffraction on a sphere. The calculated optical characteristics were used as the input parameters to numerically solve the problem of multiple scattering of a femtosecond pulse in a liquid-droplet cloud by the Monte Carlo method. Preliminary calculation results indicate the possibility of considerable enhancement of the backscattering signal owing to dynamic changes in the scattering phase function, resulting in reduction of anisotropy.

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