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Model of estimating aerosol depositions of benz(A)pirene in the vicinity of the novosibirsk electrode plant


A model of quantitative interpretation of the route observational data on deposition fields in the vicinity of a point source is proposed in terms of a kinematic scheme of the description of the distribution of heavy polydispersed admixtures in the atmosphere. The model allowed for a numerical analysis of experimental data on the benz(a)pirene pollution of snow cover at the end of the winter season of 2008 in the vicinity of the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant. It is shown that a maximal benz(a)pirene amount was deposited as a part of coarse aerosol fractions in the close neighborhood of the tall plant chimney.

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  • Snow Cover
  • Benz
  • Kinematic Scheme
  • Particle Size Distribution Func Tion
  • Average Wind Velocity