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Analysis of seasonal and annual peculiarities of the temperature stratification of an urban heat island


The thermal regime in the lower part of the atmospheric boundary layer over the central part of Moscow and its suburbs (Dolgoprudnyi) has been studied. Temperature profiles were obtained in 2006–2007 with MTP-5 microwave temperature profilometers. From MTP-5 measurements, vertical temperature distributions of the frequency of detection of certain values of gradients were constructed, and statistically confident results on the peculiarities in the spatial vertical characteristics of the temperature stratification were obtained. Characteristic altitudes and quantitative characteristics of the differences between the civic center and suburbs for vertical temperature gradients of every season were determined. The analysis of the occurrence of inversions from the viewpoint of seasonal differences poses questions on the nature of the stability of differences between the center and suburbs.

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  • Atmospheric Boundary Layer
  • Urban Heat Island
  • Oceanic Optic
  • Temperature Stratification
  • Inverse Gradient