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Synchronous variations of the mass concentration of near-ground aerosol, nitrogen oxides, and ozone in the Moscow region


During 2007–2008 in the Moscow region, a cycle of complex observations of a number of gaseous and aerosol constituents of the atmosphere was performed. Incorporating the data of back trajectory analysis, we circumscribed a range of atmospheric situations when abrupt changes in the content of these variables were associated with long-range transport in the atmosphere. Primarily, this was due to an across-Moscow passage of warm atmospheric fronts of occlusion in Atlantic and Mediterranean maritime cyclones. In such situations, the abundances of NO2 and NO and aerosol mass concentrations simultaneously increase, while the ozone concentration decreases. This is accompanied by a marked decrease of the refractive index of the particle substance. The response of the parameter of aerosol condensation activity is not unique.

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Isakov, A.A., Elokhov, A.S. & Lezina, E.A. Synchronous variations of the mass concentration of near-ground aerosol, nitrogen oxides, and ozone in the Moscow region. Atmos Ocean Opt 22, 428–434 (2009).

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  • Cyclone
  • Ozone Concentration
  • Moscow Region
  • Time Sweep
  • Particle Substance