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Investigations of the vertical distribution of troposphere aerosol layers based on the data of multifrequency Raman lidar sensing: Part 1. Methods of optical parameter retrieval


A technique intended for interpreting the data of multifrequency Raman lidar sensing is developed. An algorithm for separating aerosol layers with different scattering properties and the subsequent estimation of the average value of the lidar ratio and Angström parameter within the individual layers is proposed. The algorithm allows the error of retrieving the backscattering coefficient from daytime observations to be at least halved. To interpret the data of nighttime observations, a well-posed algorithm of numerical differentiation intended for determining the extinction coefficient based on the transformation of the range of allowable values which requires a solution of nonlinear equations is developed. An iterative procedure yielding an improved spatial resolution as compared with the conventional methods is envisaged for linearization. The methods can be successfully used for processing routine lidar measurements under conditions of a priori uncertainty.

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Key words

  • Raman lidar
  • aerosol
  • extinction coefficient
  • backscattering coefficient
  • lidar ratio
  • methods of optical parameter retrieval