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Results of joint observations of aerosol perturbations of the stratosphere at the CIS-LiNet network in 2008


The results of lidar observations of stratospheric aerosol perturbations for the period of July–November 2008 at three lidar stations of the CIS-LiNet network in Tomsk, Minsk, and Vladivostok are presented along with the results obtained in the Gobi Desert during a research expedition. The behavior of stratospheric profiles of the scattering ratio R(H) (ratio of the total aerosol and molecular backscattering coefficient to the molecular backscattering coefficient) is analyzed at different wavelengths characterizing the aerosol stratification in the stratosphere. The transport of air masses in the stratosphere is studied by the method of direct and backward trajectories using the NOAA HYSPLIT model. It is shown that stratospheric aerosol perturbations are connected with explosive eruptions of volcanoes of the Aleutian islands Okmok (53.4° N, 168.1° W; July 12, 2008) and Kasatochi (52.2° N, 175.5° W; August 6–8, 2008).

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Original Russian Text © V.V. Zuev, Yu.S. Balin, O.A. Bukin, V.D. Burlakov, S.I. Dolgii, V.P. Kabashnikov, A.V. Nevzorov, F.P. Osipenko, A.N. Pavlov, I.E. Penner, S.V. Samoilova, S.Yu. Stolyarchuk, A.P. Chaikovskii, K.A. Shmirko, 2009, published in Optika Atmosfery i Okeana.

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Zuev, V.V., Balin, Y.S., Bukin, O.A. et al. Results of joint observations of aerosol perturbations of the stratosphere at the CIS-LiNet network in 2008. Atmos Ocean Opt 22, 295–301 (2009).

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  • stratosphere
  • volcanic aerosol
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