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Variability of discrete Chebyshev spectra of electrochemical noise


A new characteristic of the electrochemical noise spectrum, namely, the variability of an individual line in the discrete Chebyshev spectrum, is discussed. For Chebyshev transforms that have the normal (Gaussian) probability distribution, the proposed variability is 1. In a model experiment, the effect of the lowfrequency harmonic disturbance (drift) and the high-frequency harmonic disturbance (aliasing component) on the variability of an individual line in the Chebyshev noise spectrum is studied. The potentialities of the new approach are demonstrated for a noise electrochemical system involving corrosion processes. The variability of the corrosion process is shown to exceed the variability of the Gaussian noise by a factor of 1.5. The proposed characteristic of electrochemical noise spectrum, namely, the variability of individual line in the discrete Chebyshev spectrum can be a useful informative parameter for the electrochemical noise diagnosis in various electrochemical systems including chemical power sources and fuel cells in which electrochemical corrosion processes can occur.

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Original Russian Text © A.L. Klyuev, B.M. Grafov, Yu.A. Dobrovol’skii, A.D. Davydov, A.E. Ukshe, 2015, published in Elektrokhimiya, 2015, Vol. 51, No. 12, pp. 1321–1326.

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Klyuev, A.L., Grafov, B.M., Dobrovol’skii, Y.A. et al. Variability of discrete Chebyshev spectra of electrochemical noise. Russ J Electrochem 51, 1180–1185 (2015).

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  • electrochemical noise
  • electrochemical noise diagnosis
  • Chebyshev noise spectroscopy
  • corrosion processes