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Effects of carbon contents on morphology and electrical properties of Li2MnSiO4/C prepared by a vacuum solid-state method


To improve the electrochemical performance of Li2MnSiO4 with low electric conductivity, the Li2MnSiO4/C composite are synthesized by a vacuum solid-state reaction of a mixture of SiO2, LiCH3COO, Mn(CH3COO)2 and designed mass of C6H12O6 · H2O as carbon sources. The crystalline structure and morphology of products are analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and laser scattering technology (LS) respectively. The tested results show that carbon doping decrease the crystallite sizes of products, but keep the aggregation of the particles and made the impurity increased instead. The results of constant current charge-discharge prove that the mixed carbon improve Li+ transmission performance and decrease inner polatization resistance of Li2MnSiO4 materials, but can not prevent the collapse of Li2MnSiO4 crystal structure. While the galvanostatic intermittent titration technique (GITT) results demonstrate that the primary reason for the improved electrochemical performance can be attributed to increased Li-ion diffusion coefficient \((D_{Li^ + } )\) as a result from carbon doping.

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Published in Russian in Elektrokhimiya, 2014, Vol. 50, No. 3, pp. 299–305.

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  • manganese silicate
  • cathode
  • lithium ion battery
  • carbon doping