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Gene Pool of Khakass and Shors for Y Chromosome Markers: Common Components and Tribal Genetic Structure


The genetic structure of Khakass and Shor populations and clans (seoks) in terms of Y chromosome markers was investigated. The results of the analysis of haplogroup frequencies and YSTR haplotypes indicate that the Khakass and Shor seoks are related associations, in most cases having the same ancestor in the patrilineage. The gene pool of Khakass and Shors, more precisely a part marked by Y chromosome haplogroups, was shown to be primarily structured according to the generic principle. A strong genetic affinity of the members of the same seok was shown for the vast majority of the samples. Various Y chromosome haplogroups in the Khakass and Shor gene pools demonstrate their genetic affinity with Tuvans, Kets, Altaians, and Teleuts. This suggests the unity of the generalized gene pool of the indigenous South Siberian population and the genetic continuity of the populations living in this territory. Significant differences between the subethnic groups that are part of modern Khakass and Shors were revealed, where both of these ethnic groups were formed on the basis of common genetic components and demonstrate genetic affinity in various clans.

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This work was carried out as part of the Union State Scientific and Technical Program “Development of Innovative Genogeographic and Genomic Technologies for Personal Identification and Identification of Personal Traits through the Study of Gene Pools of the Union State Regions” (“DNA Identification”), state contract no. 011-17 of September 26, 2017, and also supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant no. 18-29-13045, “Population Genomics and Human Transcriptomics: Search for Signals of Non-Neutral Evolution.”

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