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Y chromosome—a tool in infertility studies of Latvian population


Human Y chromosome is used as a tool in male infertility and population genetic studies. The aims of this research were to analyse the prevalence of Y chromosome microdeletions among infertile Latvian men, and to identify possible lineages of Y chromosome that may be at increased risk of developing infertility. A study encompassed 105 infertile men with different spermatogenic disturbances. Deletions on Y chromosome were detected in 5 out of 105 (∼5%) cases analysed in this study. Three of them carried deletion in AZFc region and two individuals had AZFa+b+c deletion. Study of Y chromosome haplogroups showed that N3a1 and R1a1 lineages were found less frequently in the infertile male group compared to ethnic Latvian group, however K* cluster was predominantly found in infertile male Y chromosomes. Conclusions: (1) Our study advocates running Y chromosome microdeletion analyses only in cases of severe form of infertility; (2) Ychromosome haplogroup analysis showed statistically significant tendencies that some haplogroups are more common in ethnic male group, but others are more common in infertile males.

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