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Molecular genetic analysis of wild soybean (Glycine soja Sieb. & Zucc.) population structure in anthropogenic and natural landscapes of Primorskii krai

  • Plant Genetics
  • Published:
Russian Journal of Genetics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The data are presented on genetic population structure of wild soybean growing in natural and anthropogenically disturbed landscapes of Primorskii krai of the Russian Federation. Comparative analysis showed that wild soybean populations exposed to anthropogenic influence exhibited lower genetic diversity than natural populations. Recommendations on conservation of the wild plant gene pools using comparative data on population genetic structures are made.

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Original Russian Text © A.V. Nedoluzhko, A.V. Tikhonov, D.B. Dorokhov, 2008, published in Genetika, 2008, Vol. 44, No. 8, pp. 1084–1088.

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