Evaluating new isolates of microalgae from Kazakhstan for biodiesel production


New microalgal strains that are native to South-East Kazakhstan were isolated and characterized with a view to identifying suitable candidates for biodiesel production. Six strains of chlorophyte algae (named K1–K6) were recovered from environmental samples as axenic cultures, and molecular analysis revealed that five (K1–K5) are strains of Parachlorella kessleri, whereas K6 is a strain of Chlorella vulgaris. A third isolate from Uzbekistan (termed UZ) was also identified as a separate strain of P. kessleri. All strains show high growth rates and an ability to utilize acetate as an exogenous source of fixed carbon. Furthermore, under conditions of nitrogen depletion, all three strains showed a significant accumulation of neutral lipids (triacylglycerides). P. kessleri K5 and C. vulgaris K6 therefore represent promising autochthon strains for large-scale cultivation and biodiesel production in Kazakhstan.

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  • Chlorella vulgaris
  • Parachlorella kessleri
  • biodiesel
  • lipids