Protein quantification

  • N. S. Stepanchenko
  • G. V. NovikovaEmail author
  • I. E. Moshkov


Protein quantification is an integral part of any investigation related to protein isolation, purification, characterization, and analysis. Although the methods considered in this lecture have multi-year history and applied widely in the laboratory practice, there are some crucial points, which must be taken into consideration while choosing the method permitting reliably and with a high specificity and reproducibility to quantify protein.


plant protein quantification Lowry method Bradford method BCA reagent 



bicinchoninic acid


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  • N. S. Stepanchenko
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  • G. V. Novikova
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    Email author
  • I. E. Moshkov
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  1. 1.Timiryazev Institute of Plant PhysiologyRussian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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