• Scientific Session of the General Meeting of Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences “The Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements as a Universal Language of the Natural Sciences”
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New Generation Materials and Technologies for Their Digital Processing


The need to create councils on the priority directions of scientific and technological development as part of the implementation of the Strategy for the Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation following the example of the implementation of the Soviet national level nuclear project in which the cooperation of hundreds of scientific and production structures was important is demonstrated. Successful implementation of the tasks set then is closely associated with the All-Russia Institute of Aviation Materials and its scientists who made an invaluable contribution to the development of new materials. The key role of the institute today as an organization responsible for the implementation of the priority technological direction Materials Science Technologies and as a developer of new generation materials is presented.

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Translated by O. Pismenov

RAS Academician Evgenii Nikolaevich Kablov is Director General of the All-Russia Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM).

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  • materials
  • technologies
  • materials science
  • VIAM
  • scientific and technological development
  • nuclear project
  • fuel elements
  • research and production cooperation.