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Modern Linguistic Typology


One of the RAS Presidium meetings discussed a dynamically developing trend in modern linguistics, the socalled typology, or typological studies in languages. Those who follow closely the development of linguistics do not doubt the leading position that typology has held in the totality of linguistic sciences since the second half of the 20th century, but those who are far from linguistic problems often have vague ideas about the specifics and resources of this trend. The material published below allows them to fill this gap.

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Original Russian Text © V.A. Plungyan, 2011, published in Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk, 2011, Vol. 81, No. 4, pp. 301–315.

RAS Corresponding Member Vladimir Aleksandrovich Plungyan, Dr. Sci. (Philol.), is head of a sector at the RAS Institute of Linguistics.

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