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Competition between poly(methyl methacrylate) and poly(ethylene glycol) during their interaction with poly(silicic acid) in an organic solvent


It is shown that the interpolymer complex of poly(silicic acid) and poly(ethylene glycol) formed in the organic solvent benzene is thermodynamically more stable than the corresponding complex with PMMA. Therefore, poly(silicic acid) prepared via template polycondensation conducted in the presence of poly(ethylene glycol) contains a smaller amount of defects (branches and crosslinks) than the same polymer obtained in the presence of PMMA. To provide evidence for the interaction between poly(silicic acid) and PMMA, the dynamic light-scattering method with the use of “invisible” macromolecules has been applied for the first time.

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Correspondence to I. M. Papisov.

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Original Russian Text © I.M. Papisov, V.V. Grushina, E.A. Litmanovich, D.A. Sapozhnikov, Ya.S. Vygodskii, I.A. Gritskova, 2010, published in Vysokomolekulyarnye Soedineniya, Ser. A, 2010, Vol. 52, No. 8, pp. 1451–1457.

This work was supported by the special-purpose agency program Development of the Scientific Potential of the Higher School (2006-2008), project RNP 2.1.1/2159.

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Papisov, I.M., Grushina, V.V., Litmanovich, E.A. et al. Competition between poly(methyl methacrylate) and poly(ethylene glycol) during their interaction with poly(silicic acid) in an organic solvent. Polym. Sci. Ser. A 52, 842–848 (2010).

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