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Molecular mass characteristics and hydrodynamic and conformational properties of hyperbranched poly-L-lysines


Hydrodynamic and conformational properties of hyperbranched poly(amino acids) based on lysine have been studied by static and dynamic light scattering, velocity sedimentation, translational diffusion, and viscometry in dilute aqueous-saline solutions (0.2 M NaCl). The effects of synthesis conditions of hyperbranched poly(amino acids), modification of their end groups by histidine fragments, and incorporation of diacylated lysine residues between branching points of oligomers and polymers composed of lysine and glutamic acid on the molecular mass characteristics of the hyperbranched polymers have been ascertained. The hydrodynamic properties of the hyperbranched poly(amino acids) differ appreciably from the behavior of both linear polylysine and lysine dendrimers due to conformational features of their macromolecules.

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This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project nos. 05-03-33152 and 07-03-00290) and the program of Basic Research of the Division of Chemistry and Materials Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences “Creation and Study of Macromolecules and Macromolecular Structures of New Generations.”

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