A Heuristic Rational Algorithm for Checking the Congruence of Normal Matrices


A finite algorithm that uses arithmetic operations only is said to be rational. There exist rational methods for checking the congruence of a pair of Hermitian matrices or a pair of unitary ones. We propose a rational algorithm for checking the congruence of general normal matrices.

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Dedicated to the blessed memory of A.A. Abramov

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Ikramov, K.D., Nazari, A.M. A Heuristic Rational Algorithm for Checking the Congruence of Normal Matrices. Comput. Math. and Math. Phys. 60, 1601–1608 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1134/S0965542520100097

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  • congruence
  • unitoid
  • cosquare
  • similarity
  • Toeplitz decomposition
  • indices of inertia
  • Pythagorean triples
  • Maple
  • circulants