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Numerical modeling of the swirling turbulent wake decay past a self-propelled body

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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics Aims and scope


Numerical analysis of the swirling turbulent wake degeneration past a self-propelled body has been carried out. It has been shown that starting from the distances of the order of 100 diameters from the body, the flow becomes practically shearless. A simplified mathematical model of the far swirling wake past a self-propelled body has been constructed.

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Correspondence to A. G. Demenkov.

Additional information

Problem statements have been done under the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic research (Project No. 13-01-00246) and the grant of the leading scientific schools NSh-7214.2016.9, numerical experiments based on the complete and simplified models were done under the financial support of the Russian Scientific Foundation (Grant No. 14-19-01685).

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Demenkov, A.G., Chernykh, G.G. Numerical modeling of the swirling turbulent wake decay past a self-propelled body. Thermophys. Aeromech. 23, 667–675 (2016).

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