Gas phase effect on characteristics of a precessing vortex in the axisymmetric hydrodynamic chamber


The work deals with the experimental study of precessing vortex in the gas-liquid swirl flow. The data on flow visualization are presented, dependences of precession frequency and pressure drop on the gas flow rate are determined, and correlation between these characteristics, which undergo abrupt changes at low gas contents, is determined. The main effect determining the nature of evolution of the flow parameters relates to the fact that due to strong flow swirl, phase separation with formation of a hollow vortex with the gas core occurs.

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Correspondence to A. P. Vinokurov.

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The work was financially supported by the Russian Science Foundation (Project No. 14-29-00093).

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Vinokurov, A.P., Shtork, S.I. & Alekseenko, S.V. Gas phase effect on characteristics of a precessing vortex in the axisymmetric hydrodynamic chamber. Thermophys. Aeromech. 21, 771–774 (2014).

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Key words

  • vortex precession
  • swirl flows
  • multiphase flows