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Optimization design of hydroturbine rotors according to the efficiency-strength criteria


The hydroturbine runner designing [1] is optimized by efficient methods for calculation of head loss in entire flow-through part of the turbine and deformation state of the blade. Energy losses are found at modelling of the spatial turbulent flow and engineering semi-empirical formulae. State of deformation is determined from the solution of the linear problem of elasticity for the isolated blade at hydrodynamic pressure with the method of boundary elements. With the use of the proposed system, the problem of the turbine runner design with the capacity of 640 MW providing the preset dependence of efficiency on the turbine work mode (efficiency criterion) is solved. The arising stresses do not exceed the critical value (strength criterion).

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Correspondence to S. G. Cherny.

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The work was financially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (No. 08-01-00364-a).

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Bannikov, D.V., Yesipov, D.V., Cherny, S.G. et al. Optimization design of hydroturbine rotors according to the efficiency-strength criteria. Thermophys. Aeromech. 17, 613–620 (2010).

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Key words

  • hydroturbine
  • numerical simulation
  • optimization
  • hydrodynamic losses of energy
  • strength