Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation

, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp 121–138 | Cite as

Early Stages of the Evolution of Uralides as Evidenced from the U–Pb Systematics of Detrital Zircons from Rift Complexes

  • A. V. Maslov
  • G. A. Petrov
  • Yu. L. Ronkin


The U–Pb isotope data and corresponding ages of detrital zircons from rocks of the basal complexes of the Uralides of different segments of the Ural Fold Belt are considered. It was established that complexes of ancient domains of the East European Platform (Volga-Uralia, Sarmatia, Kola, etc.) seem to have been the main provenance areas of the clastic material for the Southern, Middle, and Northern Urals. This means that there were relatively remote and local (igneous formations of the pre-Uralides) provenance areas. Rift rock associations of the Uralides of the Subpolar and Polar Urals were formed mainly through erosion of local provenance areas (predominantly, Late Riphean–Vendian island-arc and orogenic magmatic complexes of the Proto-Uralides–Timanides). Detrital zircons of Riphean age dominate in rocks of the basal complexes of the Uralides. A source for them could have been rock complexes of Svecofennian-Norwegian Orogen and Cadomides of the Scythian-Turan Plate, intraplate magmatic formations, and metamorphic complexes, as well as blocks accreted to the margin of the East European Platform in the Late Precambrian–Cambrian and later detached and displaced during the Ordovician rifting and spreading. In general, the basal complexes of Uralides were formed owing to supply of clastic material from both remote and local sources. Despite the appearance of information of a totally new level (U–Pb isotope ages of detrital zircons, their Lu–Hf systematics, and the distribution features of rare earth and trace elements), the contribution of these sources to the formation of the Late Cambrian–Early Ordovician clastic strata is hardly possible at present to evaluate.


U–Pb isotope ages of detrital zircons basal complexes of the Uralides the Urals 


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