Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation

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Lower Bathonian Belemnites and Biostratigraphy of the Central and Southern Parts of the East European Platform: Part 1. Megateuthididae

  • A. P. Ippolitov


Belemnites from the lower Bathonian of the Russian Plate are revised on the basis of the study of two reference sections—Pletnyovka and Sokur quarries. The first part of the study deals with the members of the family Megateuthididae. They include eight species of the genus Barskovisella gen. nov., neoendemic to the territory of the Russian Plate and originating from high Boreal taxa—species of the genus Paramegateuthis Gustomesov, 1960, which immigrated to the Middle Russian Sea in the early Bathonian via a short-lived meridional strait. The new genus includes six new species described in the present paper—Barskovisella pseudoishmensis sp. nov., B. issae sp. nov., B. variabilis sp. nov., B. barskovi sp. nov., B. gracilis sp. nov., and B. renegata sp. nov. The beds with Barskovisella, a new belemnite-based unit, corresponding to the Oraniceras besnosovi ammonite zone and including four successive phylogenetic biohorizons well comparable in resolution with ammonite-based infrazonal subdivisions, are introduced.


belemnites Barskovisella gen. nov. lower Bathonian European Russia infrazonal stratigraphy 


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