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Experimental Study of the Solubility of Fluorides in Fluid-Saturated Potassic Syenite Melt


The paper presents experimental results on the solubility of fluorides in fluid-saturated melt of alkaline ultrapotassic syenite-porphyry from the Gross gold ore deposit in southern Yakutia at T = 600–800°C, P = 150–260 MPa. The experiments were carried out to confirm the assumption of high solubility of fluorine in ultrapotassic syenite melt, which could contribute to the formation of specific and low-viscosity melts that were emplaced in the form of a syenite porphyry sill. The solid products after the experiments contained aluminosilicate glass, potassium feldspar, fluorite, quartz, and two fluoride phases differing in composition (potassium and aluminum fluoride and potassium and magnesium fluoride). The experimental results led us to determine a high maximum solubility of fluorine in the melt: up to 4.2–4.6 wt %, with the maximum F content found in the lowest temperature melt at 625°C. The solidus and liquidus temperatures of the syenite melt were estimated at 600–625 and 650–800°C, respectively. The aqueous fluoride fluid coexisting in equilibrium with the melt was determined to be alkaline. Potassium feldspar was the first to crystallize from the melt in the experiments, which is consistent with what is observed in samples of the naturally occurring rocks.

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The authors thank A.R. Kotel’nikov for help and valuable consultations. The reviewers A.V. Girnis and T.I. Shchekina are thanked for highly qualified consultations and comments. The authors thank the staff of the Nord-Gold company for making drill-hole core material available for using in this study.


The petrology of Early Cretaceous alkaline syenite porphyries in the western Aldan Shield was studied under government-financed research project 121041500222-4 for the Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry (IGEM), Russian Academy of Sciences. The experimental studies were carried out under government-financed research project FMUF-2022-0003 for Korzhinskii Institute of Experimental Mineralogy (IEM), Russian Academy of Sciences.

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