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Petrological Characteristics of Suevite Varieties in the Kara Astrobleme, Pay-Khoy, Russia


The paper presents the first detailed mineralogical and petrographic information on the clastic components of three suevite varieties from the Kara astrobleme in the Pay-Khoy Ridge, Russian Arctic, including features of their morphology, inner structure, chemical and mineral phase composition of the suevite impact glasses. Data on the suevites are consistent with the earlier classification of the impactites. All of the suevite varieties contain indicator minerals of the impact process and show evidence of all principal stages of impact metamorphism and postimpact hydrothermal mineral-forming processes. Data acquired in the course of this study can be utilized to identify new and transitional types of suevites to more comprehensively characterize the Kara impactites and to build up a model for the origin of this unique geologic object and other astroblemes.

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  1. Data on suevites of the Kara astrobleme are available for the authorized reader in the tables in the Supplement to the Russian and English on-line versions of this paper at and, respectively. See: ESM_1.pdf for the bulk composition of the three types of the suevites; ESM_2.pdf for the composition of the impact glasses of the suevites; ESM_3.pdf for the composition of the lithosclasts of the suevites; ESM_4.pdf for the bulk composition of the target rocks.


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The authors thank S.I. Isaenko for the Raman spectroscopic study of the mineral constituents of the suevites. E.M. Tropnikov and S.S. Shevchuk are thanked for assistance with the microprobe study, and O.V. Koksharova is thanked for conducting the silicate analyses. We also thank the reviewer L.V. Sazonova for valuable comments to the manuscript.


This study was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project 17-17-01080). Analytical studies were carried out using equipment at the Geonauka Center for Collective Use at the Yushkin Institute of Geology, Komi Science Center, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, under government-financed research projects AAAA–17–117121270036–7 and AAAA-A19-119031390057-5.

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