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A new version of GInv (Gröbner Involutive) for computing involutive Gröbner bases is presented as a library in C++11. GInv uses object-oriented memory reallocation for dynamic data structures, such as lists, red-black trees, binary trees, and GMP libraries for arbitrary-precision integer calculations. The interface of the package is designed as a Python3 module.

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This work was supported by the Strategic Academic Leadership Program of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

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Correspondence to Yu. A. Blinkov or E. Yu. Shchetinin.

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Translated by Yu. Kornienko

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Blinkov, Y.A., Shchetinin, E.Y. Using Dynamic Memory Reallocation in GInv. Program Comput Soft 49, 355–359 (2023).

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